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Dynamic mobile proxies - what are they and how do they work?

Mobile proxies – are a solution that is gaining popularity every day. What explains the demand for dynamic mobile proxies? The main reason is the strict policies of social networks and other internet platforms regarding security, aimed at combating robots operating through IPv4/IPv6 proxy protocols. This leads to account blocking and additional financial costs.
To bypass these obstacles and reduce the number of bans, you need to buy a mobile proxy..
Let's talk about how they work, what tasks they solve, and where to buy mobile proxies.

How does it work?

Essentially, mobile proxies are the same as standard proxies, with the only difference being that the connection to the network is made through a cellular operator. In other words, standard proxies allow users to achieve anonymity, while dynamic mobile proxies show that they are accessing the internet through a mobile operator. This is especially relevant for social networks, as most users access them through mobile devices. And when it comes to Instagram, it is rarely accessed from desktop devices.
The main advantage of this solution and the argument in favor of buying a mobile proxy is that the IP addresses of mobile operators are rarely used as proxies. They have very few proxy addresses - several thousand for several million subscribers at best. Therefore, it is not profitable to block such IPs for social networks, as it would affect not only those using dynamic mobile proxies but also users of regular proxy servers. Moreover, they would primarily affect regular users who are innocent. Therefore, social networks do not work with IP addresses belonging to key mobile operators. And even if sanctions are applied in isolated cases, trust in the IP addresses of cellular operators is quickly restored. It is enough to buy a cheap proxy and configure it correctly to reduce the number of bans related to the use of suspicious IPs practically to zero.

Use Case: Benefits of the Solution for Working on Instagram

An average user views Instagram several times a day. During one session, their IP address, i.e., the one seen by the remote node (Instagram or Avito), can change multiple times. This is due to various technical reasons and is explained by the organization of the NAT mechanism. For example, it can change when you go offline or simply when changing geolocation. The sequence of IP address changes for users does not coincide. Mobile proxy providers have managed to leverage this feature. They have implemented an automatic IP change function, thanks to which an account working with a mobile proxy sends requests from different "clean" IPs. This happens at intervals of once every few minutes. Thus, the security system of social networks cannot object to dynamic mobile proxies, as it does not detect repeated requests from the same IP address.
It should be understood that even if the IP address is not at risk, the account you are working from may be blocked. However, this can be avoided by not violating the rules set by Instagram regarding message sending, commenting, and other types of activities.


Firstly, dynamic mobile proxies can be classified according to their affiliation with key mobile operators - those that are well-known.
Secondly, there is a classification of mobile proxies based on mobile communication standards - 3G, 4G, LTE.


The main reason to buy a mobile proxy, as evident from the above, is to avoid being blocked while working on social networks. In addition to that, dynamic mobile proxies are used for:

  • Creating multiple accounts on social networks, messaging programs, etc.
  • Mass collection of likes, views, subscribers.
  • Commenting and sending messages.
  • Purchasing traffic for advertisers' websites in advertising systems.

Sometimes regular users also choose to buy mobile proxies in order to maintain their confidentiality. You can do this on our website!

How to purchase a mobile proxy server

The cost of accessing a mobile proxy server depends on the geographical location. Cheap proxies can be purchased from Russian operators. The price of mobile proxies in American, British, and other countries where mobile communication is inherently expensive is the highest.
The price of mobile proxies is also influenced by its level of openness. This refers to the accessibility from several other buyers. This can unexpectedly affect the performance of your accounts, for example, if those who have access to your proxy start sending spam or engaging in other prohibited activities. Therefore, working with a private mobile proxy is more reliable. Although an individual proxy may be more expensive than a public one.
Public proxy channels in Russia and Ukraine cost on average from 10 to 50 euro. Elite mobile proxies range from 100euro to 300euro.

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