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Billing system for a mobile proxy farm

Solution Description:

MobileProxy.ru Billing System for Proxy Farms (hereinafter referred to as BS) allows for the automatic rental (automatic access provision) of proxy channels based on proxy farms produced by MobileProxy.ru (hereinafter referred to as proxy farm).
The key functionality of automating the rental process includes automating the process of issuing and monitoring tariff actions, receiving rental payments, and distributing them as payment for modems.

The default MobileProxy.ru Billing System uses the Qiwi electronic wallet. Upon your request, we can link any payment gateway to the billing system (additional fees apply for adding new payment systems). The distribution of funds received on Qiwi is fully configurable in the admin section of the Billing System, including the option of automatic selective modem payments and manual modem payment mode through the billing system's admin panel.

Installation Procedure for Proxy Farm Billing System:

   1.       After signing the contract and receiving payment, our engineers install the MobileProxy.ru billing system on your virtual VPS server (if you don't have one, they can assist you in ordering it) and put it into operation.
   2.       Next, you need to link the MobileProxy.ru Billing System to your domain name (you need to choose and purchase a domain name in advance on the nic or reg website; this is a mandatory requirement for the billing system to work with payment services like Tinkoff, Qiwi, etc.).
   3.       Then, you need to link the MobileProxy.ru Billing System to your installed proxy farm. There can be multiple proxy farms, and linking and balancing are done for a fee.
   4.       For the correct operation of the billing system's equipment binding, it is essential to have an external IP address at the location of the proxy farm(s). The system is ready to work!

Getting Started, Payment System Integration, SIM Card Payment

Payment collection from customers and SIM card payment are based on the Qiwi service. You connect your Qiwi wallet to the Billing System independently by registering on the Qiwi service (if you don't have a wallet). If you already have a wallet, simply connect the Billing System application to your wallet.

Non-Exclusive License

!!!IMPORTANT!!! The billing system is purchased once and comes with a perpetual license. Customizations and other modifications to the system are exclusively done by our engineers and programmers for an additional fee (unless an alternative mechanism for interaction and modifications is agreed upon in the billing system supply agreement). In case of any interference with the code of the Mobile Proxy Billing System and/or third-party proxy farm software, which can be easily detected, we reserve the right to revoke the billing system and proxy farm warranty, thereby depriving you of the ability to receive new updates for the billing system, proxy farm software, technical support, and warranty replacement for malfunctioning components. The billing system has a range of protective mechanisms, including protection against illegal copying. If an attempt is made to duplicate or use it under a different domain name, we reserve the right to completely deactivate the billing system.

Billing System Features

Integration with MobileProxy.ru Hardware - Proxy Farm

The billing system for proxy farms is fully integrated with the equipment produced by MobileProxy.ru. Multiple proxy farms produced by MobileProxy.ru can be connected to a single billing system. This integration allows retrieving all the necessary data from the farms for display in the admin panel and for managing and monitoring the farm's operation.

The billing system implements the following key functions:

   -  Control of user-purchased tariff expiration dates and time limits.
   -  Analysis of modem status.
   -  Control of proxy channel expiration.
   -  Control of proxy channel tariff expiration.
   -  Control of modem payments (various controller options).
   -  Trigger-based modem activation and deactivation.
   -  Control of internet access issues with modems - status monitoring.

Ready Solution - The billing system is a fully functional standalone website - a portal that serves itself, the equipment, and new users without the involvement of an administrator (except for cases when registration moderation is enabled in the billing system).

Description of Billing System Functionality

1. Homepage, Proxy Channel Buyer Registration, Account Confirmation

       1.1. The billing system allows you to set your own start HTML page as the main page (billing system landing) and place any information on it, including links to access the personal account with registration and password recovery options, links to your licenses, data transmission operator certificates, promotions, news, and other information - without any limitations.

       1.2. When registering a new customer, the following fields are mandatory:
          - login,
          - email,
          - password,
          - bot captcha.

The registration of customer accounts requires mandatory confirmation by sending an email to the email address provided during customer registration in the billing system. This email is later used to send purchased proxy port data to the customer, as well as reminders about the end of the tariff period.

2. Creating tariffs, tariff grid, banners, and text/ad blocks

       2.1. The billing system allows you to create an unlimited number of different tariffs with various parameters and associate these tariffs with specific proxy-farm modems to avoid overlaps of modem reboots.
       2.2. The tariff grid/tariff is created in the admin section of the billing system and represents the duration of proxy channel operation before a reboot (IP change) with a set time interval.
       2.3. After creating a tariff, it appears in the price list (tariff grid) of the user section of the billing system's personal account (hereinafter referred to as the user's personal account or PC), and becomes available for ordering, purchasing, and payment.
       2.4. In the admin section of the billing system, the billing system administrator fills in the following fields when creating a tariff:
              - Tariff name;
              - Text description of the tariff;
              - Tariff cost for 30 days or a shorter period, for example, trial tariffs for potential customers for 1 day;

Examples of tariffs:
              Tariff 1 - IP change every 2 minutes for 1 month - $100;
              Tariff 2 - IP change every 10 minutes for 1 month - $200;
              Tariff 3 - IP change by link for 1 month - $300;

Created tariffs are automatically displayed in the user's personal account by the billing system and are available for purchase through the registered user's personal account immediately after their creation.

2.5. In the admin section of the billing system, the billing system administrator must assign a Tariff->Modem mapping, for example,
              Modems from 1 to 5 - linked to a tariff with an IP change timer every 2 minutes,
              Modems from 6 to 10 - linked to a tariff with an IP change timer every 10 minutes,
              Modems from 11 to 25 - linked to a tariff with IP change timers every 2 minutes, 10 minutes, and on request via API (using a link).

2.6. The user's personal account allows for the placement of customizable text and graphic banners in the admin section of the billing system. For example, this can be an advertising banner or a text block with instructions, etc.

3. Admin Part of the Billing System - Capabilities

       3.1. Control of modem functionality - and their payment!
       3.2. Payment for modems can be done automatically according to a schedule or manually with a single button press - any number of modems on any number of MobileProxy.ru farms!
       3.3. Ability to select multiple modems for payment - any number of modems on any number of MobileProxy.ru farms!
       3.4. Management of all users registered in the billing system:
              - Addition
              - Editing
              - Deletion
              - Blocking

       3.5. God mode
              - Ability to disable/block a user
              - Ability to disable/block proxies issued to a user(millions).

       3.6. Displaying a list of the status of ALL purchased (issued, active) proxy channels of farms in the format:

Row Number


Proxy Type

IP Address of the Farm Providing the Port

Proxy Port

Purchase/Issuance Date

Lease Expiration, Tariff End Date

IP assigned by the operator to this modem-proxy










1081, 3052









       3.7. Displaying customer information:




Purchased proxy ports

Remaining rental period



*** hidden***

1080,1082,1084,1090, 5060, 5061, 5062

10 days



*** скрыт***

3082, 3083, 3085

30 days



*** скрыт***

5061, 5062, 7886

22 days



*** скрыт***

1085, 1086,1087

5 days

3.8. Setting up customer warnings about tariff expiration is configured as follows:
              -  a message sent by the system to the user's email,
              -  the number of such messages,
              -  the interval for sending them until the tariff is completely disconnected, for example, every 3 days.

3.9. Setting up email templates:
              -   Registration email,
              -   Tariff expiration warning,
              -   Successful tariff renewal.

4. User billing system personal account - capabilities

       4.1. Built-in generator of proxy channel connection formats - users have the ability to export purchased proxy channels in various combinations and formats in plain text for different programs.
               For example: IP:port:login:pass, IP:port@login:pass, etc.
       4.2. Displaying a list of purchased proxies with their status, purchase date, payment date, expiration date, and payment amount.
       4.3. Displaying a banner/information block in the user's personal account - Configured in the admin part of the billing system.
       4.4. Displaying the tariff grid with the option to order them.
       4.5. User account settings - a section for independently changing the login password, email (with confirmation of the new email).
       4.6. Ability to connect user notification functionality via Telegram.

5. Guarantees

This billing system is the fourth version, reworked and enhanced. The previous versions helped us identify the key market needs and prepare for the release of a new firmware for the proxy farms, which contains everything necessary for full operation. Billing system v.4 is available for purchase today!

Traditionally, we provide guarantees for the hardware under the contract, technical support, and firmware updates for the proxy farms, as well as updates to the basic functionality of the billing system, provided that no one has tampered with the source code of our systems, which is easily detected.

We guarantee the stable operation of the basic functionality of the billing system throughout its usage. In case of any unexpected situations, we immediately devote all our efforts to resolving them.

6. Personalization

Above is the basic functionality of the billing system, which serves as a foundation. The basic functionality does not include personalized modifications to the billing system.

You can order personalized modifications to the current functionality or the development of new features that will be available in your billing system.

Often, our clients propose features for implementation that would be beneficial to the majority of users - such features are implemented free of charge!

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