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NEW! Mobile proxies on Huawei B535-B628-B818 Cat12 modems

Proxy Farm
based on Huawei B625-B628-B818 modems + Control PC
with Intel processor
Proxy Farm based on Huawei B625-B628-B818 modems

Getting Ready, Only 3 Steps

1. Insert SIM cards into Huawei B625-B628-B818 modems
2. Plug them into a power outlet, connect to your home router or your PC
3. Start using - the proxy farm is ready to be used.

A New Type of Proxy Farm - Twice as Fast, Powerful, and Secure!

What's the Difference?

- Unlike proxy farms based on USB modems, this equipment has higher performance and reliability.
- The system consists of multiple modem-routers with powerful modems and router boards inside.
- The system works with SIM cards from any operators in any region or country.
- The control PC is equipped with management software with a full set of necessary features.

Operating Speed

- The used modem-routers with frequency aggregation provide more power for both receiving and transmitting signals.
- With a good signal level, each modem can sustain maximum speeds ranging from 50 to 200Mbps for a long time.

Comparison of Operating Speed with Farms using regular modems

- Screenshot is being prepared -

A Real Bestseller of 2023

We manufacture the widest range of 4G-IP equipment (mobile proxy farms) on the market of Russia, CIS, and Europe.
The proxy farm you are currently viewing can be built based on Huawei B535-B628-B818 modems and can be used for website promotion (PF, CP, BP), promoting product cards on Ozon, Wildberries, Yandex Market, Sbermarket, Lamoda, and other tasks where it is necessary to access the Internet from multiple IP addresses simultaneously and cyclically change them.

✅ This farm can be built using the following models of Huawei modems:
- Huawei B310s-22
- Huawei B315s-22
- Huawei B525s-23a
- Huawei B525s-65a
- Huawei B715s-23c
- Huawei B528s
- Huawei B535-232
- Huawei B628-265
- Huawei B818-263
- Huawei E5186s-22a
- Huawei E5576-320
- Huawei E5577Cs-321
- SoyeaLink B535-333

✅ Turnkey Farm – insert SIM cards, plug it in, and start using it! After payment, we will deliver to you: Selected modems + original cables, 1Gigabit or 2.5Gigabit Switch (for the required number of modems), a server with management software, and an optional router: Mikrotik (the best option today)/Cisco

🆒 Supported protocols:

📡 Transparent SOCKS5 (with or without authentication), multiple SOCKS5 proxies per modem possible
📡 Regular HTTP (with or without authentication), multiple HTTP proxies per modem possible

✅ Training and technical support 12/7 - included in the contract for the entire period of proxy farm software usage.

✅ Modem management server - included with the farm! The server manages the operation of the modems and analyzes their performance. On the server, you can enable one of the necessary passive fingerprints (FINGERPRINT-p0f): iOS/MacOS/Android/Windows. Consultation on p0f selection is free of charge.

✅ The web interface for managing the proxy farm works without the need for an internet connection, there is no need for an external IP address. You can use the proxy farm locally in your home/office network.

✅ The user-friendly web control panel of the 6th version (updated as of 21.04.2023) - displays real-time modem status and notifies you of modem/Internet issues, SIM card data usage, and other features! Our control panel ensures maximum ease of use for the farm and is specifically tailored to regular users. When renting out the farm, you can purchase a ready-made billing system for your proxy farm from us.

✅ IP change options: API/link/timer/with repetition/blocking/from the billing system.
✅ 🔥🔥🔥 Built-in protection against subscribing to paid SIM card services, blocking unwanted resources, bandwidth limitation for each user of the proxy farm, and more.

💼 Farm configuration

👉 Modems + original cables and standard power supplies.
👉 Upon request, assemblies are supplied with a shared power supply unit or POE adapters to reduce the tangle of cables.
👉 Computer suitable for the number of modems, free replacement of the PC during farm upgrades.
👉 1Gigabit or 2.5Gigabit Ethernet Switch for connecting modems and the management PC.
👉 When using the proxy farm "from the outside" via the internet, a Mikrotik or Cisco router* is supplied by agreement, depending on the tasks and the number of proxy farms on the premises, or consultation on its selection and purchase. Router configuration is free of charge!
*A router is only needed for using the proxy farm via the internet, for example, from an external server or for renting out. In 98% of cases, we supply Mikrotik routers. For up to 100 modems in the farm, it is no less efficient than Cisco routers in the same segment. Connecting it to a wired internet with 1 Gigabit bandwidth, you won't notice any significant difference except for the price of the router. In both cases, you will have a bandwidth of 1 or 2.5 Gigabits depending on the selected router option and the speed of your wired internet connection.


✅ When purchasing any of our proxy farms, you will receive a license for the most advanced website promotion software for 2 months as a gift, along with assistance in connecting it to the proxy farm and consultations!

✅ All our farms, regardless of the type of modems, can be expanded to any number of modems without compromising their speed. P.S. The main thing is that the operator's tower has a sufficiently high speed of incoming Internet channel; otherwise, the expansion will be meaningless.
Important! With our server, you can use your own Huawei modem-routers from the above list, new, used, or even from other proxy farms, but their firmware/configuration/update of the built-in software is required.

❌ While you are contemplating or looking for alternatives, others are already ordering equipment from us and receiving profits, as well as our consultations and gifts!

Don't hesitate - call us, and we will help you choose the optimal equipment!

Place an Order

Equipment prices are located in the Price List section.
To get more information about the equipment and place an order, you can contact our managers on Telegram @MobileProxy_Factory.

Video reviews of our equipment + unboxing videos from our customers: Turnkey proxy farms, reviews, comments, video tutorials!

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